Friday, September 04, 2009

Sorry we've gone a little silent after the CTHH held in partnership with Thomson Reuters in Aug 2009.

After all the excitement in August AND the upcoming excitements in OCT & NOV 2009 (*look out for our next post!) that we've lined up for you, we think it's would be a good time to chill out and relax this Sept!

So here goes the details:-

DATE : 09 Sept 2009 (yes , 09/09/09)


@ 8 Raffles Avenue, #04-01, Roof Terrace,
The Esplanade, Singapore 039802

(this helps in the making sure t
he venue has enough drinks for everyone )

We've taken in all your feedback on the venues we have chosen into consider ation and since Orgo recently had an official opening on August 1st, CTHH is excited to go back there to experience the NEW food menu and NEW Happy hour prices!

In case some of you have not heard of ORGO,here is a quick summary on the ORGO con
cept,visit for more info.

rgo is short for “Organic Chemistry”. The entire Orgo experience revolves around the word “organic”. As a matter of fact, part of the menu will include drinks and food made from organic produce. However, Orgo is about more than just the ingredients. From the structures that define the space to the composition of

the menu, the entire concept will continue to evolve and change like a living organism. You can expect every visit to be a novel experience.

he food and beverage team at Orgo is headed by renowned Japanese master mixologist, Tomoyuki Kitazoe. Tomoyuki is the brand ambassador for Grey Goose vodka, Chivas Regal and Red Bull in Japan. Trained as an Italian chef, Tomoyuki has been revolutionizing mixology in Japan through the innovative use of the freshest and purest ingredients for his drinks. The impressive drinks menu at Orgo includes such surprising combinat
ions as watermelon and chili, apple and shiso and peach and rose. Also, in adhering to

the “organic” theme at Orgo, Tomoyuki has created a series of drinks at Orgo that avoids the use of any artificial flavorings and colorings, syrups and canned juices. The Orgo version of the Singapore Sling, for example, is made entirely from fresh ingredients with the exception of the base gin.

On top of that, CTHH promises you a breathtaking view atop the Roof Terrace at the Esplanade.

Bring a friend or two and we look forward to seeing you there!

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Happy Hour Count *hic*

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