CleanTech Happy Hour is back! 24th Feb 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Happy Lunar New Year and a warm welcome to all those who've just joined our mailing list!

CleanTech Happy Hour has been a little quiet but hey we're back! Lots of exciting plans in the coming months!

This February, CTHH will be held at Loof. ( A rooftop chillout venue where a brilliant view awaits!

As always, what is CTHH without CTHH prices?

So here are the deals for the night:-

Up till 8pm , 1-for-1 promotion and if you have an UOB credit card, Bring it along , because you will be entitled to the promotion till 8.30pm

After that, a 10% discount on all drinks for CTHH.

Do RSVP and tell your friends about us!



Happy Hour Count *hic*

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